Friday, June 24, 2011

This is how I sketch!

Yesterday in my blog I explained to Andi that paintings just fell out of my head onto the canvas. Well, I also have other weird things happen. I was chatting with her on Facebook tonight. You know that silly mindless stuff that sisters chat about? While I was typing BAM a painting slammed into my brain. Not literally, although that has happened. Hurts like hell when that happens too. I have learned not to prop finished pieces of work on the shelves above my computer! Just sayin....

Ok, lost my train of thought there. So anyway, an idea and a title of a painting popped into my head. It faded out just as quickly and left me scrambling for something to write on. You see folks, I have menopause brain. Tomorrow I would be trying to figure out what the idea was if I even remembered I had an idea!

Andi told me to sketch it out. So I did. Sue style.

Yes peeps, this is how I sketch. I realized I NEVER sketch. I always work on the actual piece. If I am not "feeling it" I toss it aside to be painted over later. I never agonize over a painting. The idea is there and I just go for it. Not all my ideas work. Usually it isn't because it isn't a good idea. Sometimes I just can't transfer what is in my brain to canvas. Sometimes it goes in a completely different direction and turns into something that makes me smile. I figure if it makes me smile there is some other slightly off kilter person that will smile too. Isn't that what art is all about?

Stay tuned for Funky Town. It may or may not look like the above sketch!

Peace out peeps :-)

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