Saturday, February 26, 2011

Embrace Life

If you have read previous blogs you'll remember that sometimes ideas for paintings just go BAM in my head. That is what happened with the one below. I was laying in bed Thursday night, almost asleep, and BAM... it was there. Just sayin....

This painting is on a 12"x12" canvas. It was done with acrylic paints.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Thoughts

Well, it's finally here... Friday. When you are unemployed that isn't a huge thing. For all you folks slaving away at the office, working on an assembly line, working out in the cold nasty weather, it's huge! I get that. These days my life is slower, more relaxed. This wasn't by choice. The economy played a huge part in it. You work your ass off for 30+ years never thinking that one day it can come to a grinding halt, but it can. Luckily Drewbie and I prepared for this day, and thanks to the great state of Indiana and the fact that we buckled down and paid off 3/4 of our debt, we are paying the bills and able to buy groceries. God help all those people who weren't able to prepare for it.

Thanks to a wonderful Veterinarian in town I have a part time job. Sharon offered me a part time kennel position when she found out Drewbie and I had lost our jobs. What a blessing. I actually enjoy the few hours each morning I spend walking dogs, cleaning kennels, feeding the animals and doing the laundry. Some days are "shittier" than others, but all my little furry friends are always happy to see me. Oh yea, the people are pretty nice too *wink*

Another good thing about my Friday is lunch with my chickies. We go to Mittagessen Delicatessen on College Street. If you've never been there you really must try it. The bacon feta wrap is to die for! I am never sure what chickies will show up. Dianne and I are always there. Amber usually is, and occasionally Kasey and Kelly. Not to mention a few of Dianne's co-workers sprinkled in. What I have learned from this group of gals is amazing. Each one has taught me something, sometimes about them, sometimes about myself. The more open my mind becomes the more I learn. I cherish them all for what they bring to my life.

I bought 4 new canvases today. Gonna get my art on this weekend! I have some ideas bouncing around in my head that need to come out.

And most importantly tomorrow is my "Pig Out" day!! Oh hell ya! I went on this diet and have lost 7 lbs. so far. One day a week you get to totally pig out. There is a entire chapter on why this works. I am not going to explain it all here. We have a pizza in the freezer, triscuits and cheese in the cabinet, and today I bought a Hershey bar with almonds to dip in peanut butter. Maybe this pig out day works because you puke before you go to bed? We'll see what happens!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Stay warm, stay safe, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Peace Out

Friday Funny: Today while I was getting ready to go to lunch I was listening to the radio. The only thing I can get in is the local station. Swap Shop was on. The DJ asked the man what he had to sell and ask for his phone number. As they were getting ready to hang up he verified the phone number and as he was hanging up he said "Peace Out." He got very quiet and then said, "Did I just say Peace Out? I think I just said Peace Out." lol Yes, dude, you said Peace Out! It's all good!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Breathe

Peaceful Sunday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your favorite relaxing activities today. I just finished up Zelda's latest activity. First she was hitchhiking a ride with some friendly dragonflies, and then she was flying through skies in a VW bug. She is now relaxing in a nice hot bath. Who knows what Zelda will decide to do next.

I just signed up for an online camp that I am so excited about.  The price is right and there are some really cool classes. Surf on over there and sign up.  wishBIG ecamp

Ok peeps, I am on to artFOOLishness #5. If you haven't joined in the fun, do it now! artFOOLishness #5

Peace, Love & Funk

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

artFOOLishness #4

Kelly and Danielle are at it again.The challenge was:
quote: “the world is mud-licious and puddle-
wonderful” e.e. cummings

white, yellows and pinks with a sprinkle
of blooms and silver?
pandora playlist: ingrid michaelson radio

You'll have to forgive my photos. They are not up to my usual standards. I have been working all night on a painting for my baby girl's birthday, which is tomorrow. My baby girl will be 25!! I thought I was done with the painting until Kelly pointed out that I needed to put "me" into it. Oh how I love our Kelly. I have learned so much from her. This artFOOLishness is really a great learning experience too. Thanks Kelly, Thanks Danielle :-) Thanks for letting me play along.

Ok, back to artFOOLishness....
When I entered Ingrid Michaelson into Pandora I heard her sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. There you have it... no other explanation is needed.

The weekend is almost here. You all enjoy it doing whatever it is that makes you happy. I'll be ..... PAINTING!

Here we go again.......

If you have kept up on my blog you know I like to start new things.... and then toss them aside! Well, after a winter of munching absolutely everything I could get in my mouth I stepped on the scale yesterday. Holy Cow! I weighed as much as a small heifer!! I weigh more now than when I was pregnant. I thought my jeans were just shrinking. You know that happens, right? My clue should have been when I purchased a new bra a few weeks ago. D cup? Really? I was feeling pretty good about that. Now I realize it is just boob fat!

I started reading a book on the Kindle about weight loss. If I start anything I have to read about it. You must always add the cost of a book to my projects. I try to hit the library first, but sometimes I just have to OWN it. So I have been reading The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman by: Timothy Ferriss. I realized I have seen this guy on Dr. Oz. So hell, it has to be true, right?!

It's basically a low carb diet with a twist. You get to totally pig out one day a week. Really? I am lovin' this concept. Low carb is the only way I have ever lost weight. He says that pigging out one day actually helps loose weight. Count me in.

So I pulled out my favorite bikini. The one I wear on the beach in Florida when absolutely NO ONE I know is with Drewbie and I. Hey folks, fat always looks better tan. I put it on so Drewbie could take before pictures. OMG, that was humiliating. Seriously how in the hell did I let this happen?? Ok so we got through that and then on to the measuring. Mooooooo. That's all I've got to say about that.

I downloaded the pics and printed up a nice little page with all the pictures and my measurements and taped it on the fridge and the closet door of the bedroom. I know the fridge is the perfect place, why the closet door of the bedroom? Because that is where I do most of my damage. Laying in bed watching The Real Housewives, shoving snacks in my piehole! I should have printed out a life size photo but the small pictures are gross enough.

So here we ago again. Weight loss goal is 20 lbs. If I can take off 20lbs. then the closet full of spring and summer clothes will fit. If I don't... I just won't go out of the house. You can hide this fluffiness in winter clothes. There is no hiding it when it warms up and the sun comes out.

After I have lost the 20lbs. I will read the chapter on Incredible Sex!!

Peace out you all :-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live Laugh Love & Scammers

Ok, before I get to the new art work I have to share a lesson I have learned. Check your bank account at least weekly for fraud. Ok, most people do that? I noticed a charge that has been on my business account since June 2010. I really thought I knew what the charge was for. It's a long story that I won't bore you with, so I'll cut to the chase. I found out that I had been paying for some perv to log on to This is not your basic brush, paint canvas kind of art. This is freakin' porn! I paid 9 months for the sneaky little bastard to look at nakedness. My bad!

The credit card company is refunding me for 2 months and my bank will refund me for a bit more. I have to file a police report and fill out the paperwork. The fun part is I have the guys email address and possibly his name, address and phone number. We'll see what happens. I would love nothing better than to nail this little creep! Lesson learned, check all charges carefully!!! 

OK, now on to the art work. You know I said another idea for a painting that went BAM in my brain? Well here it is. Scary what is up in that brain of mine. Perhaps if I could clear some of this craziness out of my head I wouldn't be financing's thirst for porn!!

Peace out peeps :-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

More artFOOLishness

Well isn't just lovely outside? I want to go on record as saying I HATE winter. The only good things about this nasty weather is that Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow. So Spring will be here soon. We can only hope.............

Kelly and Danielle are at it again with their artFOOLishness . The challenge is as follows:
inspired by a set of words, lavender and chocolate brown, layered with a swatch or two of plaid and some music
qoute: "You've got to embrace the chaos. you have to. that way, life might astonish you." and Lisa Loeb Radio (a Pandora playlist)

Inspired by Lisa Loeb's song Wishing Heart

You all stay warm and be safe out there. Peace Out

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hitchhiker

Recently Dianne (one of my favorite chickies) said she would like to walk around in my head. Just for a short time. I believe my most recent painting "The Hitchhiker" spured her to say that. Folks I can't tell you why these things pop out of my head. I don't know why I paint zebras being flown through the sky by dragon flies. Perhaps a therapist could tell me, but I would rather not ask. Lord knows what else they might dig up.

All I know is sometimes these ideas just begin to form slowly, and sometimes it is just BAM, there it is. This one was a BAM, there it is. I love zebras. My hubby is from South Africa. We have spent quite a few days in Kruger Park. I loved seeing the herds of zebras.

I painted a rather large zebra face I named Zelda. You can see her on my website. I am contemplating an entire Zelda series. We'll see. I had another idea go BAM today as I was finishing this one up!

Now I am going to go make some fresh coffee, Nutella on graham crackers with a touch of peanut butter (my new favorite snack) and read a bit on my Kindle. With any luck at all my eyes will get droopy and I'll take a nice Sunday nap.

Peace out you all.