Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hairballs and doodles

*wave* Hi, it's me again, actually doing this blog thing. Please, no one hold your breath. I wouldn't want you to turn blue waiting for the next post. So as I finished up my first post yesterday I have to admit I spent about four hours just screwing around with the settings. After which I had to laugh and think to myself, "Really? Is THIS the next big thing that you will spend hours on only to grow bored and let it sit?"

I have to tell you all I am the Queen of wasted time. I am laid off, yet my house has giant Aussie hair balls whispering across the floors. My office is a wreck and I spend 90% of my days in fleece jammie pants with my hair standing on end. Did I just admit that? Please don't watch for pictures... it'll never happen. While I may be a professional time waster I also have a bit of pride and am horribly vain!

Thank goodness Drewbie doesn't mind doing laundry. OK, he does laundry because the washer & dryer are in a small closet off of the living room where he hangs out. When he dries clothes it keeps the room warm. We have one of those vent thingies that vents the dryer into the room. When you are on a limited income, and trying to conserve your savings, you become REAL creative! The colder it gets outside the bigger desire he has to do laundry!

Below is one of the first drawings that I did when I started dabbling in art again last year. As you can see it is a bit off the wall. I used to doodle in high school and throughout my life. When I was working I used to doodle during meetings. It kept me focused and also helped prevent my eyes from slamming shut and my head from slamming on the table as I fell asleep. Jim, if you are reading this please forgive my candor! Dianne, a dear friend and co-worker, would analyze my doodles after marathon meetings. She usually came to the conclusion I was flippin' nuts!

I don't know why these doodles, along with my art today, have such a hippie quality to them. I graduated in 1977, well after the hippie era. However, I am drawn to peace signs, earth tones, and this type of art. As I post my various art you'll see that I am all over the place. Some is whimsical, hippie-ish, and just plain strange at times. I do know one thing, I don't do REAL. I can't just draw a dog, or person, or paint a picture that looks like a photo. I admire anyone who can, but I don't feel the need to even try.

After I started drawing these doodles I wanted to wear them. Oh hell yes... you guessed it right, this led to another little entrepreneurial endeavor. I bought transfers, a heat press, tshirts, totebags, a webpage and TuffTee was born. TuffTee is now dead!! I actually sold some items though. TuffTee died because I  got Drewbie excited about the idea and we took it one step further. But I'll tell that story another day.

You all have a great day. I am off to my grandson Hayden's birthday party. Nothing like a little two year old smearing cake to make you smile! Especially when he is in his own kitchen smearing it and Mommy & Daddy have to clean it up! Just sayin..........

Peace out peeps

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