Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do Do Do Lookin' Out My Back Door

Well, just like I thought I would, I have skipped a few days. In my defense I have been a bit busy. I have been working on a painting and a few other things. See how vague I am? LOL If I am to be really honest there have been a few naps in there too. I love a good nap!

One of the things I was working on was my very own webpage. You can view it at

Kelly Barton and Danielle Donaldson have a bit of fun going on. artFoolishness The challenge this time was:
quote: “those who wander are not always lost”
blue and green with a sprinkle of stars and clouds
pandora playlist: johnny cash radio

I decided to join in the fun. Well folks, first let me say that I do not smoke anything stronger than home extruded cigarettes made from legal tobacco. That being said, below is my painting.

Not all who wander are lost = Animals go about their day, just wandering around, not lost, they just have no agenda. If they see something that interest them they move towards it, not worrying about what others will think. It is how I think more of us should approach life.

This painting was inspired by CCR's song "Lookin' Out My Backdoor" which played on Pandora (Johnny Cash)

Surf on over to Kelly's blog and check out their paintings. These gals are what I strive to be like when I grown up and perfect this thing we call art :-)

Have a great week you all!!

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